We’re Welcoming K-5 Scholars and Families to Harlem Prep Elementary!

By Bryan Stroud

Principal, Harlem Prep Elementary School

As a student, elementary school was one of the brightest times of my life. Not just because I got to learn and explore in the classroom, but because my teachers knew me as a person and cared about me.  

That’s something I’ve held onto as a school leader. At Harlem Prep Elementary, a charter elementary school in West Harlem, we tell our students: I see you. How can I help you? How can I challenge you?

Our scholars see themselves in pictures on the wall and work on the bulletin boards. They see themselves in lessons that respond to current events and reflect their day-to-day lives. Starting in kindergarten, they begin to imagine themselves attending college, studying in classrooms named after colleges, and visiting campuses like Hofstra University. They engage in civic education activities like voter registration drives, where they learn that their voice matters.

We also make sure families feel part of our school community. We offer events like Coffee and Conversations, where we provide breakfast and have talks and demonstrations. Afterward, families are invited to spend an hour in their child’s classroom to see how they’re learning. And even beyond all this, we have an open-door policy, offering tours for prospective families and visiting opportunities for current families. 

We also listen to our families.  

When I first started working at Harlem Prep Elementary, we were in a mixed-use building in East Harlem. In Fall 2022, we moved into a facility in West Harlem that better suited our scholars’ needs. Ever since the move, we’ve had families asking us about expanding from grades 3-5. Families love what we’re doing in the upper grades. They see the joyful atmosphere in our classrooms and the empowerment our scholars feel. They would like their younger kids to have that same experience.

Thanks to parent demand, we’re now enrolling for grades K-5 for the 2024-25 school year! We are excited to create safe, joyful, developmentally appropriate spaces for children in grades K-5. This will allow all our students to have a full throughline for all the elementary grades.

Our doors are open for any family that wants to see our school in action. My greatest hope is that families will be our true partners in creating a new K-5 experience at Harlem Prep Elementary. As a school leader, I can’t do this work alone!

I’m so excited to welcome K-2 scholars to Harlem Prep Elementary. And I’m looking forward to continuing to make sure that every child who comes through our doors knows they belong.

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