The Network Team

The Democracy Prep Public Schools network team, stationed on the fourth and fifth floor of a central office located at 1767 Park Avenue in Harlem, supports all of our schools. The network team regularly visits all Democracy Prep schools which emphasizes a college-going culture for our scholars and enables the network team to stay connected.

Office of the Chief Executive Officer

Natasha Trivers

Chief Executive Officer

Anita Ntem

Manager of Executive Operations

Linda Jones Easton

Chief of Staff

Danielle Tshirhart

Chief Operating Officer

Office of the Superintendent

Steve Popper

Chief of Schools & Superintendent

Emmanuel George

Senior Director of School Solutions

Kim Wall

Assistant Superintendent

Tanya Nunez

Assistant Superintendent

Ryan Silver

Assistant Superintendent

Duncan Scherer

Assistant Superintendent and Managing Director of NY

Sharese Maine

Director of Scholar Support

Claire Chaney

Director of Grants Management & Student Information Systems

Brian Duran

Arts Education Director

Dennis Wolfe

Athletic Director

Luis Cardenas

Speech and Debate Master Coach

Sarah Rosenberg

Speech and Debate Master Coach

Elizabeth Jaye

DC/NJ Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Rashid Duroseau

Civics Program Director

Yulenny Grullón

Academic and Events Coordinator

General Counsel

Alexa Feldman

Director of Accountability

Georgina Crawley

General Counsel

Rebecca Leblond

Global Citizens Program Director

James Lee

Global Citizens Program Manager

Capri Reid

Assistant General Counsel

Special Education

Ellie Grose

Senior Director of Special Education and English Language Services

Beatrix Jackson

Assistant Director of Special Education

Heather Bezdecheck

ACT Manager

Kelsey Amick

ACT Manager

Danielle Alicastro

ACT Manager

Sarah Gonsalves

ACT Manager

Academics Team

Margaret Marrer

Senior Director of K-12 Curriculum and Assessments

Katherine Williamson

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Mia Backon

Director of K-5 Academics

Blake Unger Dvorchik

Director of 6-12 Academics

Julia Kang

Korean Curriculum Specialist

Samantha Katzman

Director of Learning Acceleration

Hannah Rebhorn

Special Education Curriculum Manager

Alexandra Arricale

Curriculum and Instruction Specialists

Jason Rios

Curriculum and Instruction Specialists

Domenica Vilhotti

Curriculum and Instruction Specialists

Erica Silas

Curriculum & Instruction Specialist

Kimberly Sekel

Curriculum & Instruction Specialist

Shauntai Quinlon

Curriculum and Instruction Specialist

Yauntilaa Lancaster

Curriculum and Instruction Specialists

External Affairs and Enrollment Team

Princess Lyles

Vice President of External Affairs

Amara Nogee

Senior Manager Visual Arts & Graphic Design

Greg Callan

Videographer and Editor

Milowa Rodriguez

Graphic Designer

Anthony Hull


Charlotte Hockens

Senior Manager of External Affairs

Eliza Saunders

Assistant Director of Enrollment

Stefan Mason

Enrollment Support Specialist

Nelson Olivero Rodriguez

Canvass Team Lead

Finance Team

Valerie Martinez

Chief Financial Officer

Willard Jones


Sydney Moshette


Jackie White

Controller, South and West Regions

Richard Coore

Senior Finance Manager

Jazmin Abreu

Special Projects, Manager

Sherri Carrington

Finance Associate

Muhammed Kajakeh

Finance Associate

Pamela Donaldson

Payroll Specialist

Human Resources Team

Lisa Friscia

Chief People Officer

Alexa Gonzalez

Senior Director of Human Resources

Brenda Ayayee

Regional Manager of Human Resources

Rachel Cardinal

Assistant Director of Human Resources

Jennifer Stewart

Human Resources Coordinator and Certification Specialist

Jade Morton-Whidbee

Human Resources Coordinator

Sonny Bozza

Human Resources Coordinator

Nathalie Delva

Human Resources Associate

Lexy Williams

Recruitment Associate

Information Systems Team

Danielle Tshirhart

Chief Operating Officer

Jonathan Salcedo

Director of Network Technology

Larry Hok

Senior Manager of Technology

Tony Boler

Manager of Technology Support

Christina Pagan

Senior Manager of Data Insights

Jose Lozada

Data Developer

Babacar Tall

Data Support Associate

Chrisann Campbell

Data Support Associate

Rashad Weathers

Data Support Associate

Recruitment Team

Lisa Friscia

Chief People Officer

Kristen Haurin

Director of Recruitment

Katie Fleckenstein

Senior Recruiter

Hadiza Kassim

Recruitment Associate

Bryce Fleming

Recruitment Outreach Associate

Saesha Hall

Recruitment Associate

Talent Development Team

Lisa Friscia

Chief People Officer

Ajaka Roth

Senior Director of Talent Development

Evan Burns

Assistant Director of Talent Development

Chabelly Jiminian

Manager of People Team Operations

College Success Team

Ralph Johnson

Vice President of College Access & Success

John Lindquist

Regional Director of College Success & System's Management

Teng Yang

College Counseling Associate

Eunjee Choi

Assistant Director of College Counseling

Lucy Kane

Assistant Director of Alumni Programs

Operations and Facilities Team

Danielle Tshirhart

Chief Operating Officer

Ken Mason

Senior Director of Network Facilities

Jordan Stenzel

Network Director of Operations, Systems & Development

Patria Rodriguez

Network Shared Services Manager

Michelle Gieg

Vice President of Operations

Marlene Aponte

Director of Operations

Christy Brown

Director of Operations

Xochilith Cosme

Director of Operations

Nina Minogue

Director of Operations

Amanda Torres

Director of Operations