Democracy Prep Public Schools is grateful for the dedicated support and thoughtful guidance of all of its Boards of Trustees, which combined, bring together over a century of experience in a variety of industries, including education reform.

To contact the Democracy Prep Public Schools Board, please email:

Democracy Prep Public Schools Board of Directors

  • Ryan Offutt, Chair, RDO Equipment Co.
  • Chris Kraus, Vice-Chair, Jones Lang LaSalle
  • Erhard Marius, Treasurer, Independent Trader
  • Carlos Lejnieks, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Essex, Hudson & Union Counties (NJ)
  • Pallavi Verma,  Accenture
  • Enoch Woodhouse, Chief Operating Officer at Murmuration
  • Jeri Powell, NYC Department of Investigation
  • Sam Schaeffer, Center for Employment Opportunities

The Democracy Prep Public Schools Board of Trustees will hold its regular meetings and executive committee during the 2019-20 school year on the following dates:

  • July 31: 2:00–5:00pm | Conference call
  • September 18: 1:00–5:00pm | In person
  • October 22: 3:00–5:00pm | Conference call
  • December 2: 1:00–5:00pm | In person
  • January 29: 9:00am–5:00pm
  • February 12: 3:00–5:00pm | Conference call
  • March 16: 4:30–6:30pm | Conference call
  • April 15: 3:00–5:00pm | Conference call
  • May 28: 10:00–12:30pm | Conference call
  • June 24: 1:30pm | Conference Call

All meetings will be held at 1767 Park Avenue, New York, New York 10035 unless otherwise noted.

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Democracy Prep New York Charter Schools Board of Trustees is the governing board for all of the Democracy Prep schools in New York.