Scholars Write About Meeting The First Family, Visiting The White House

We’re always proud of the amazing things that our scholars do, and the varied experiences that they have, but over the last month, our pride has given way to awe!

In D.C., several scholars toured the White House and got the thrill of their life when they met the President and First Lady Michelle Obama.  Democracy Prep Congress Heights sixth-grader, Diamond said:

WhiteHouse_visit“I will always remember that I got to meet, hug, and take pictures with Michelle Obama too! I thought I was just having the best dream of my kid life, and my kid life isn’t even over yet!”

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Democracy Prep Charter High alumni, Trey B. was invited to speak at the White House about his love of reading and his desire that everyone have access to libraries as part of an initiative called Libraries For All. He wrote:

IMG_0602“Time felt like it was standing still. All I could hear was applause from the audience and the snapping of cameras taking pictures. I could feel the power of my words with each and every handshake as countless individuals came to greet me, thank me and tell me how much my speech inspired them.”

From: Alumni Spotlight: Supporting #LibrariesForAll  

When the President visited Baton Rouge, Louisiana for a town hall, several of our scholars had a chance to see him speak, but one lucky scholar, Oriana C., got to greet him as he prepared to fly back to Washington. She says:

POTUS Air Force Dep 1“When he finally reached me, I put out my hand. He shook it and said, “How are you, young lady?”  I was so thrilled I’m not even sure that I responded!  That moment was the best one of my life so far. It made me think that I could do anything in this world.”

From: The Day I Shook The President’s Hand

Read all of their posts, and join us in being inspired by these scholars!



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