Scholars Reflect On Their Week of Service


Civics and service are infused into the mantra, mission, and daily life at Democracy Prep. Throughout the school year our scholars engage in voter registration and get out the vote efforts, and develop projects devoted to exploring how they want to change the world.

This month scholars dedicated a week to giving back to their communities through service opportunities that ranged from serving lunch at food pantries to painting murals and packing baby clothes for families in need.

We’ve invited scholars from all around our network to share their “Week of Service” experience with us!

WOS5Scholars volunteered with the Good + Foundation (formerly Baby Buggy) to sort donations of baby and toddler clothes for families in need.

“I learned that a lot of people donated stuff! I knew people donated but I didn’t realize there would be rooms full of things. My favorite part of the day was when we were folding because we got to do something together.”
-Pablo G., ninth-grade scholar at Democracy Prep Endurance High School

“I chose this service activity because I thought they needed someone strong to help carry items! It was great helping to sort out clothes for kids and moms in need.”
-Lyndon S., a ninth-grade scholar at Democracy Prep Endurance High School

WOS4Scholars volunteered at The Church of the Village Food Pantry and Salvation Army.

“My favorite part of the day was seeing how everyone was pitching in to help one another. It didn’t matter who was assigned where. If someone from the bread station needed help, a person from the stock station would go over to help.”
-Oumou K., a ninth-grade scholar at Democracy Prep Endurance High School

Scholars volunteered with veteran organization, The Mission Continues and read to senior citizens at a local nursing home.

“I learned that they are veterans that help people do things like build gardens and benches and playgrounds. I would do it again because it was fun helping them.”
–Jaliah C, a first-grade scholar at Congress Heights Elementary School

“I learned to always read with excitement when it’s an exclamation mark, and stop at periods and sometimes commas. I would do it again because they help you get better and better at reading.”
-Justice W. a third-grade scholar at Congress Heights Elementary School


WOS8Scholars volunteered at Harlem Grown, a nonprofit organization providing youth with hands-on education in urban farming, sustainability, and nutrition.

“I would go to Harlem Grown again because I get to learn new things. All of that gas coming out of the compost bin surprised me.”
Zayquan C., a seventh-grade scholar at Democracy Prep Pathways

Scholars volunteered with Hour Children, an organization that helps incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women and their children build healthy, independent and secure lives.

“I would do this again,t helped me realize that there are kids who don’t have a mother in their lives 24/7. Sometimes we’re so busy with our own lives, but it doesn’t take much to spend some time and make a difference.I learned that kids could be shy. It gave me flashbacks to when I was a kid. I was shy and I know that it takes time to build the relationship, but when you do it’s powerful.”
Whitney S., a tenth-grade scholar at Democracy Prep Charter High School

DPE-HS_WOS_ParkCleanup3Scholars volunteered at the park at Jackie Robinson Recreation Center on Bradhurst Street in Harlem.

“I wanted to go to the Jackie Robinson Center because I wanted to make sure that kids had a place to play this summer that was nice and clean. My favorite part of the day was looking back at the park after I was done cleaning and I felt so proud of myself for how much better it looked.”
Naomi O., a ninth-grade scholar at Democracy Prep Endurance High School

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