Scholars Learn about Mission Continues in Philly

The following post is by Nadiyah Pleas, Democracy Prep Congress Heights seventh-grader


Going to Philly went exceptionally well. My classmate Emonie and I learned about Mission Continues, and shared our story too. The message that we gave Mission Continue was our appreciation for their kindness in helping our school. They clapped for us and it gave us the courage to speak with more pride, especially when they started to ask us questions. Some were bit demanding but we got through it. Emonie and I were really nervous, we scared of the 120 people looking at us. They were looking me in the eye, and I felt as though I was going to mess up. But they were very supportive, and thankfully, we a great job!

The meeting influenced me because when Mission Continues chose to help our school, it gave me a mind set to also go out into the world and make change, make a better life for people AND for me.  My relationship now with Mission Continues is an interpersonal one. This is what people need. They need to have an interpersonal relationship so their voices can be heard, and together we can all accomplish our missions. It’s amazing how all the veterans worked together. They showed us that you can’t always depend on yourself all the time.

Sometimes you need a couple of people that will hear your problems and help you with your struggles. That’s why the Mission WILL continue! WE won’t stop until we get there, until we excel!

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