Protect our DREAMers

Dear DREAMers,

In light of the Trump Administration’s decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, Democracy Prep reaffirms its commitment to supporting our dreamers and their families. Democracy Prep always has, and always will, continue to educate all students.

Since its inception, DACA has helped 800,000 people including, no doubt, members of the Democracy Prep family, come out of the shadows, attend college, get jobs, and fulfill their version of the American Dream. ​

Congress now has the opportunity and responsibility over the next six months to enact legislation that would maintain, and hopefully expand, DACA to provide more opportunity for more people. ​The Department of Homeland Security has confirmed it will renew DACA permits for anyone whose existing status expires before March 5, 2018. But the door has slammed shut for those who have yet to apply.

The most effective way to take action is to call your representatives. Click here for a concise overview, including sample script and link to find phone numbers for your senators.  A comprehensive list of rallies and marches can be found here.

In the face of the President’s action,​ Democracy Prep reaffirms its commitment to supporting all of our scholars and their families. We urge Congress to fulfill its responsibility and protect all of the dreamers that came here as children, have followed the rules, and are the future of our country.

DREAM big,


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