Latinx | Hispanic Heritage Month with Democracy Prep

Latinx | Hispanic Heritage Month is more than a retrospective celebration; it’s an affirmation of the vibrant, living legacies that continue to influence our present. At Democracy Prep, our power comes from the beautifully diverse community of educators and staff we have the privilege of working with and the scholars we are blessed to serve, many who come from the Latin American diaspora. Here, every identity, every experience, and every story finds a home, a voice, and a listening ear. We’re excited to share all of the beautiful and meaningful ways we celebrated this month!

We hosted a network celebration for our elementary scholars. They got the opportunity to engage in two book readings and a facilitated discussion. The first book was Alma & How She Got Her Name, read by Katherine Perez, Managing Director of Elementary Schools, and Eliany G., scholar from Democracy Prep at the Stewart Campus. We then read What Do You Know?, narrated by Haydil Henriquez, a poet, visionary, and activist based in the Bronx. It was wonderful to watch our young scholars learn about Latinx | Hispanic culture through the magic of storytelling!

This year, our Civics, External Affairs, and Global Citizens teams worked together to create a survey to uplift the stories of Latinx | Hispanic identifying individuals at Democracy Prep. This was a way for our people to share their cultural background, traditions, and experiences and contribute to a collective understanding of Hispanic | Latinx heritage. 

Meet Marisa Denton, Director of Operations at Democracy Prep Agassi Campus. Her story is a testament to her profound connection to her Mexican heritage, the pivotal role of family and education in her upbringing, and her unwavering commitment to preserving and passing down these cherished values to future generations.

Democracy Prep at the Stewart Campus held their annual Mi Gente event! It was really moving to see so many families and community members come out to celebrate their identities and deepen their connection to the school. The event was thoughtfully planned and meticulously organized with the end result being a joyous afternoon from start to finish! We’re so appreciative of all the love and effort the team put into this event! You can see a highlight reel of the event here.

Democracy Prep at the Stewart Campus also hosted its annual Inspirational Figures Parade in honor of Latinx | Hispanic Heritage Month. Role models show us what’s possible when we work hard and dream big. To pay homage, our scholars dressed as people who inspire them.

At Democracy Prep, we honor Latinx | Hispanic Heritage Month in ways that are most meaningful to us, our colleagues, and our scholars. We can’t wait to see what next year’s celebrations may bring!

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