A Month To Remember: Honoring Latinx Heritage Month

While Latinx | Hispanic Heritage Month has come to a close, we’re still feeling the joy from the celebrations that our scholars across the network took part in and we’re excited for all of the creative ways our schools will continue to honor and validate identities over the course of the year. Throughout the month, our campuses developed all kinds of programs dedicated to the commemoration of the invaluable contributions that Latinx and Hispanic communities have made to our history and culture, and celebrating identity in empowering and significant ways. 

This year, the External Affairs, Civics, and Arts teams partnered to plan something extra special for our elementary scholars. On the last Friday of Latinx | Hispanic Heritage Month, our elementary school campuses (K-5) came together virtually for two incredible cultural experiences:
Watch the storyteller ​​Valentina Ortiz perform stories of tradition from different countries
Hear the renowned musician Bobby Sanabria perform and share a presentation that traces the history of Latin Jazz from Africa to the Caribbean to New York City.

This event was a wonderful opportunity for our young scholars to broaden their knowledge of the Latinx diaspora through storytelling, dancing, and music. Not only that, because of the event’s virtual format, our kiddos were able to interact with scholars from different classrooms, grade levels, and schools!

In breakout rooms, scholars were excited to share their favorite parts of the storytelling experience with Ms. Ortiz. It was truly a joy to see scholars engaging with the material and each other!

You can watch the event on our Youtube Channel now!

That’s not the only way Democracy Prep celebrated this special time. Check out some of the ways our campuses honored Latinx | Hispanic Heritage Month:

Schools Across The Network Celebrate the 1st Day of Latinx | Hispanic Heritage Month

Democracy Prep at the Stewart Campus Share This Video In Honor of
Mexican Independence Day

Democracy Prep Harlem Middle School Hosts Carnaval del Barrio

Democracy Prep at the Agassi Campus Middle School Creates Classroom
Door Decorating Contest

AP Spanish Scholars at Democracy Prep at the Agassi Campus High School Organize
Hispanic Heritage Month Fiesta

Democracy Prep Endurance Elementary and Bronx Prep Elementary Welcomed Families For A
Latinx Heritage Month Potluck

Democracy Prep Harlem High Had A Latinx Heritage Month Celebration In Their Courtyard!

At Democracy Prep, we are blessed with a beautifully diverse population of scholars, educators, and staff, many of whom come from the Latin American diaspora—parts of the world such as the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, and Puerto Rico. As an organization committed to anti-racism, we have a duty to ensure that everyone in our community feels seen, loved, welcomed, and understood. Celebrating Latinx | Hispanic Heritage Month is an important piece in making sure this is our reality, not just wishful thinking.

We are filled with gratitude for the vast and creative ways our network has celebrated this important time. Each year, we begin more great traditions to celebrate which fills our hearts with so much joy. Thank you to all who made this a month to remember!

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