Happy September!

Happy September, everyone! A new month is a fresh start that invites us all to rethink our mindset, have greater focus, and create new goals. 

For us, this month marks the official start of school across all of our regions! Now that we have officially welcomed all of our scholars back to school, we remain committed to our goal, which is to operate excellent schools that prepare our scholars for success in the college of their choice and a life of active citizenship. This means keeping the fire alive in a vibrant democracy and nurturing the fire created by educated young scholars who want to change the world for the better!

From the very beginning, Democracy Prep set out to transform the lives of our students and raise the expectations for public schools across the nation and beyond. We are incredibly honored to share that Democracy Prep Public Schools has been named a “gap-busting” charter organization in both reading and math as outlined in As a Matter of Fact: The National Charter School Study III 2023 (more commonly known as the CREDO study), which is a study conducted by The Center for Research on Education Outcomes at Stanford University. Gap-busting charter schools are recognized for “eliminat[ing] learning disparities for their students and mov[ing] their achievement ahead of their respective state’s average performance.” 

Democracy Prep is a place that is proven to be moving the needle in dramatic ways for the students that we educate. We are living proof that an exceptional AND equitable education is possible. We are proud to be an organization committed to centering our scholars in everything we do, and ensuring they have a transformational educational experience that will set them up for success in all of their future endeavors. We move forward heeding these words:

While summer is coming to an end, we welcome the fresh fall air and a new year full of growth and learning. We can’t wait to watch our scholars grow and see all of their brilliance on display!

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