Faith in Democracy

KDS headshotDear Friends,

We shared this message with our teachers and staff immediately following the election. I think the sentiments remain urgent and important, and so I wanted to share with you.


If we believe in anything, we believe in democracy. We believe in the peaceful transition of power and that the system retains power and protection for those who are defeated.

It is our civic duty to ensure our scholars have an informed voice: there is a reason we are called Democracy Prep. We are a non-partisan organization by function and definition but our mock elections results and discussions with scholars were overwhelmingly pro-Clinton and many students will be deeply confused by the outcome of the election. While we all have opinions on the election and the results, please do remember that a thoughtful and respectful discourse is a hallmark of the America in which we believe.

Our Civics Coordinator has been equipped with resources to discuss the results of the election. While there are so many ways to approach this conversation, the focus should be on a how to reconcile (scholar) feelings with the outcome of a highly contested election while accepting a peaceful transition to power. This means finding ways to voice (scholar) feelings, concerns and find ways to move forward.

As a wise woman just said, “Never stop believing that fighting for what is right is worth it”. You came to work at Democracy Prep because you believed in this sentiment, as well as the sentiment to lead our scholars on the path to active citizenship. Remind your students this. Remind yourself of this.

Thank you to Viviana and Civic Coordinators across the network for compiling these resources below.

As always, we fight for a better country for all Americans, and our children. Another wise citizen wrote “I was born for this moment and so were you.” I believe we are often our best selves when we encounter challenge and even defeats. Please remember that as we commit to a better future for our world.

Thank you all,


For Parents (as an FYI parents should know that most DP schools have discussed the outcome of the election) . DPHE scholar does GOTV
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