Elementary School Scholars Show the Future of Women is Bright

To conclude our Women’s History Month campaign, we are looking to the future of women by highlighting two elementary school scholars. Lamya Johnson is a 5th grade scholar at Democracy Prep Congress Heights Elementary School (DPCHES), and Sapphire Green is a 2nd grade scholar at Democracy Prep Baton Rouge Elementary School (DPBRES). Despite being so young, Sapphire and Lamya are already having a positive impact on their peers and in their schools.

Lamya Johnson

Lamya Johnson
Lamya Johnson is a founding scholar at DPCHES. Now in the 5th grade, she has already started preparing for her career as a first grade teacher.

“I think I would make a good teacher because all my life, I’ve been learning from the best teachers ever, and I want to grow up to be just like them,” Lamya said.

Lamya loves to help other scholars when she finishes her work. As soon as she is done, she immediately raises her hand to ask if she can help her teachers or another scholar. During her classroom breaks, she often goes into another class to help students with their math and reading.

“I want to be a teacher because I like helping kids and teaching them the right thing to do in class,” Lamya said. “I like being a scholar at Democracy Prep because I get opportunities to learn how to be a teacher when I grow up, and I get to help kids in other classes.”

Not only is Lamya making sure she gets the practice she needs to be a great teacher, she also has a plan for the future.

“I have to get good grades,” Lamya said. “I have to make sure I’m nice to people. I need to make sure I have a 4.0 in college.”

Lamya wants to be a “transformational teacher.”

“I want to change the world by helping kids who don’t have enough money to go to school get scholarships. I think I can do that by raising funds, and I can probably have all of the teachers inside of my school also help them and raise money for them.”

Sapphire Green

Sapphire Green

Cara Sullivan, Sapphire Green’s 2nd grade teacher at DPBRES, describes Sapphire as a scholar that stands out because she is always setting a positive example for her peers.

“Sapphire won the DREAMy Dragon Award because she is an amazing example of the DREAM values,” Ms. Sullivan said. “Sapphire exudes enthusiasm and sparkles.”

Sapphire often speaks to school visitors about the DREAM values, especially enthusiasm.

“Enthusiasm means you’re excited,” Sapphire said. “I have enthusiasm for learning.”

Sapphire has made immense academic progress this year because of her dedication to the DREAM values.

“She is not afraid to be wrong, make suggestions, answer questions, and take feedback,” Ms. Sullivan said. “This openness to learning has made her one of the strongest critical thinkers in her reading group of 1st, 2nd, and 5th graders.”

Sapphire also shares her enthusiasm with her peers to help them feel excited about school.

“Sapphire is always willing to play with anyone who needs a friend,” said Ms. Sullivan. “She encourages others and speaks with kindness. Her friendly and optimistic personality is contagious to her friends.”

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