DPCHE scholars tour The Supreme Court!

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Several scholars from Democracy Prep Congress Heights Elementary recently had the opportunity to visit the Supreme Court and meet Chief Justice Roberts. This post about their trip was written by Democracy Prep Congress Heights Elementary sixth-grader, Alona R.

We took a tour of the Supreme Court, and then we got to meet Chief Justice John Roberts. First, we met people who work with Chief Justice Roberts. Then, we went into the court for a lecture. During the lecture, I learned that everything on the walls stands for something. All the figures on the walls represent different things in the court like the angel stands for justice.

We met Chief Justice Roberts after the lecture. When he came in the room we all stood up, a sign of respect, then we sat back down really quickly. My favorite part with Chief Justice Roberts was when he said that his favorite college football team was Notre Dame. That’s my uncle’s favorite team!

After that, we went into a big room with a really long table. The tour guide said that the justices talked about their decisions in there. Next, we went into the library and the books were huge! I don’t know how many books there were, but in the small section we were in, there were about 500 books! We learned that they put statues of tortoises under the lamps because of the story the tortoise and the hare. The theme is that slow and steady wins the race.

It connects with all I have learned in school because in school I learned about the Supreme Court and about how the Supreme Court Justices including Chief Justice Roberts have very busy lives!

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