Civics in Action

Our Civic Commitment

At Democracy Prep, we believe that—in addition to preparing them for success in the college and careers of their choice—public schools have a duty to prepare students to be lifelong active citizens who uplift our communities and sustain the American democratic experiment.

What is Active Citizenship?

Democracy Prep defines a citizen as any member of a community who applies their talents to work alongside and lift up the people around them. To prepare our students for lives of active citizenship, we teach them to:

  • Take passionate and well-informed stances on issues.
  • Engage with perspectives that are unfamiliar.
  • Invest in a cause greater than themselves.
  • Find productive ways to advocate for themselves and others.

We believe that a commitment to improving one’s community proceeds from a knowledge and love of self. For that reason, we teach our students to embrace and celebrate their identities while building bridges with others.

Register to Vote

At Democracy Prep, we encourage everyone to join our students in active participation in our communities and in our democracy. Voting is one essential way to do that. Register today!

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