CEO Becomes Black Heritage Honoree!

“Education is our passport to the future, 

for tomorrow belongs only to the people who prepare for it today.”

~ Malcolm X


Happy Black History Month from Democracy Prep!

Every year, we take this time to honor the legacy of Black Americans who have inspired great change and empower us to continue working towards a brighter future. 

As educators, we understand that every day we spend with scholars is a day we are making history. This Black History Month, we are incredibly proud that the work we are doing, namely the work that our CEO is doing as a leader of a network of high-performing charter schools, is being recognized. 

In celebration of Black History Month, the Black Alumni Council (BAC) of Columbia University selects one individual for the Black Heritage Award in recognition of their dedication and significant contributions to the New York community. This year, we are honored to share that Ms. Natasha Trivers, CEO of Democracy Prep Public Schools, was selected for this prestigious award!

A graduate of Teachers College, Columbia University, Ms. Trivers was honored for her visionary leadership in education and her unwavering commitment to racial equity and academic excellence for all Democracy Prep students.

Left to Right: Riley Jones, Natasha Trivers, and Menlee Mansue.

The BAC expressed:

This prestigious award celebrates Natasha’s visionary leadership and steadfast dedication to fostering quality education, equity, academic excellence, and community empowerment.”

Natasha’s focused commitment to driving positive change has left a lasting impact, not only within her organization but also across the broader educational landscape. [Her] leadership exemplifies the very essence of impact and empowerment.”

As she accepted her award, Natasha shared a few words on what it means to have a “heart touched with fire” as a leader and educator:

What does a “heart touched with fire” mean to me?

It means waking up every morning, ready to take on the world. 

It means centering students and people in everything I do and every decision I make.

It means being a learner and an educator, no matter my title or status. 

It means being committed to equity-driven leadership and always standing up for what is right.

It means being human, and accepting that change starts with me. 

As we continue to find new and innovative ways to serve our students, we are nurturing that fire within us, and we take each day as an opportunity to pass the torch to our students, so that they can unlock their brilliance, brighten their future, and enrich the world around them.

Many thanks to Riley Jones and Menlee Mansue, advisors of the Black Alumni Council and leaders of Democracy Prep’s Advisory Board, for their nomination and advocacy. Thank you to the selection committee for selecting our CEO and honoring her work as a leader in education.  And a special thank you to Teachers College at Columbia University for helping develop a great educator, a great leader, and a great human. It is an extraordinary thing to be honored by the same place where our CEO first began her career in education 20 years ago, as a young, dedicated student, ready to take on the world. 

To this day, Ms. Trivers takes everything she has learned to build for a better tomorrow, one day at a time! 

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