Becoming An Emotional Creature

In honor of the start of National Women’s History month, scholar, Kadiatu K, wanted to share her experience as a member of the cast of Democracy Prep’s production of Emotional Creature, a show of monoluges and group performances that focus on telling the stories of girls around the world. 

IMG_9982My experience as a member of the Emotional Creature cast taught me a little more about myself through the many girls I represented on stage. I was intimidated going into the audition because the cast was full of people who were not afraid to speak as loudly as they could. I always held back, and calculated what to say next. I felt panicked because I was going to represent brave females who were strong enough to share their stories with the world when I hadn’t even figured out mine.

However, after the rehearsals started, I began to realize that I was not afraid to raise my hand in certain classes as if the confidence around me seeped into my person and I was made anew. The feeling of a close group of encouraging people is something that I am enormously grateful for; the support I received from my other cast mates and the amazing directors and crew that made this production come to life never ceases to amaze me.

Through our ups and downs, our Saturdays and Sundays, our moments of stress and last minute panic, the production blended together beautifully. As strange as it sounds I am ecstatic that we made people cry. I’m glad that they were able to listen to the true heart-wrenching stories that intertwine in their lives, whether they know it or not. Through this experience I’ve learned that voices no matter how small have the power to move people.

That’s when theatre comes to life, that is when it becomes real. You become this other person that you get to know in an intimate way. Being that person or character in your own personal life influences you in more ways than one. I feel that we are all emotional creatures because we all feel and are connected in someway and my experience in the production change my definition of what an emotional creature truly is.

About The Author:

Kadiatou K. is a tenth-grade scholar at Democracy Prep Harlem High School. Emotional Creature was her first production with Democracy Prep.

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