A Senior’s Declassified Graduation Survival Guide

As Democracy Prep’s graduation season comes to a close, many scholars are gearing up for what comes next. Just four years ago, our young scholars embarked on one of the hardest journeys of their entire lives: high school. Now, this journey is ending and another one is beginning.

Scholars, many of you may be excited or anxious or sad or all of the above. This is the time to hear that these feelings are okay. Here are a few tips to make it through graduation in one piece:

Reach out to friends and teachers you love. Some of you may be leaving for college soon; make sure to keep in touch with the people who supported you.
Smile. You did it! You deserve to enjoy this moment.
Speak with confidence. You’ve just completed high school; be proud of this achievement.
Send some virtual love. This journey was just as much an individual one as it was a collaborative one; show the people you love that you appreciate them.
Breathe! Your next journey is about to begin and you’re going to kill it!

With just a few (virtual) steps, you will celebrate finally becoming a graduate!

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