The Network Team

The Democracy Prep Public Schools network team, stationed on the fourth and fifth floor of a central office located at 1767 Park Avenue in Harlem, supports all of our schools. The network team regularly visits all Democracy Prep schools which emphasizes a college-going culture for our scholars and enables the network team to stay connected.

Office of the Chief Executive Officer

Katie Duffy

Chief Executive Officer

Rick Abare

Special Advisor to the CEO

Margaret Marrer

Regional Assistant Superintendent

Amier Carmel

Network Psychoanalyst

Robert Pondiscio

Senior Advisor

Office of the Chief of Staff

Benjamin Feit

Chief of Staff

Jerry Phelps

Director of Co-curricular Programs

Dennis Wolfe

Athletic Director

Luis Cardenas

Speech and Debate Master Coach

Sarah Rosenberg

Speech and Debate Master Coach

General Counsel

Kent Anker

General Counsel

Viviana Perez

Director of Civics Program

Ellie Grose

Director of Special Education

Alexa Feldman

ACT Manager

Kareem Shakoor

ACT Manager

Heather Bezdecheck

ACT Manager

Beatrix Jackson

ACT Manager

Jillian Luft

ACT Manager

Community Impact Team

Adrienne Nyamsi

Senior Director

Jordan Stenzel

Director of School Support

Eliza Saunders

Field Manager

Ken Mason

Senior School Support Manager

Academic Team

Danielle Liebling

Director of K-12 Curriculum

Lauren Nelson

Math Specialist

Elizabeth Berk

Math Specialist

Blake Unger Dvorchic

Science Specialist

Meredith Leonard

Literacy Specialist

Alexa Miller

Elementary Curriculum Specialist

Naomi Bates

Assessment Coordinator

Communications Team

Amara Nogee

Graphic Designer

Greg Callan


Milowa Rodriguez

Graphic Designer

Anthony Hull


Wenniao Qu

Web Developer

James Lee

Korean Program Manager

David Beltran

Social Media Associate

Vivian Cho

Events Specialist

Finance Team

Greg Spreeman

Chief Finance Officer

Melanie Hok

Senior Director of Finance

Greg McDowell

Grants Manager

Richard Coore

Staff Accountant

Andrea Jorge

Finance Associate

Corinna Myers

Finance Associate

Human Resources Team

Linda Jones Easton

Vice President of Human Resources

Alexa Gonzalez

Director of Human Resources - NY

Jermaine Ottey

Human Resources Manager

Brenda Ayayee

Human Resources Associate

Abigail Friedman

Human Resources Associate

Janai Smith

Human Resources Associate

Jennifer Stewart

Human Resources Associate

Information Systems Team

Carlos Mojica

Senior Director of Information Systems

Mark Cheng

Director of Data Management

Edward Langer

Systems Administrator

Miguel Rivera Rios

Data Manager

William Packer

Assistant Director of Educational Technology

Brian Martin

Instructional Systems Specialist

Ryan Howell

Information Design Specialist

Rebecca LeBlond

Global Citizens Program Director

Jaclyn Fosso

Global Citizens Program Manager

Recruitment Team

Jonathan Howard

Vice President of Recruitment

Larnell Vickers

Assistant Director of Recruitment

Ashleigh Chin

Recruitment Manager

Alisa Jimenez

Recruitment Coordinator

Kristin Haurin

Recruitment Associate

Christine Bowles

Recruitment Associate

Jonathan Hall

Recruitment Associate

Kyle Shedrick

Recruitment Associate

Talent Development Team

Lisa Friscia

Vice President of Talent Development

Ajaka Roth

Assistant Director of Talent Development

Shannon Fasanella

Academic Coordinator

Matt Kautz

Professional Development Coordinator

College Success Team

Ralph Johnson

Senior Director for College Success

John Lindquist

Assistant Director of College Success


Gabriel Garcia

Facilities Manager

Darryl Frazier

Facilities Manager

Walter Flowers


Oscar Castillo