Arts instruction is a vital and integral part of our academic program. Every school employs full-time arts educators who teach arts classes as a part of the core academic curriculum.

Arts Curriculum

Our approach to arts education is part skills-based and part Aesthetic Education through our partnership with Lincoln Center Education. We strive to provide a learning environment in which our young artists are as equally prepared for college admission and careers in the arts as they are grappling with many experiences within the arts. Our arts classrooms are places where creativity, expression, inquiry, and art-making are not just encouraged, but required.

In elementary school, we provide scholars with as many experiences in art-making as possible through piano class, dance, performing arts, theatre, singing and visual arts. The goal at this level is to offer a breadth of study. In middle school, the focus is more in-depth as arts class becomes part of the core academic curriculum. Scholar progress is tracked through comprehensive course exams and a variety of performance assessments. Middle school arts instruction lays the groundwork for high school where our scholars begin to hone specific artistic skills and prepare for the possibility of admission into a university arts program.

Extracurricular Arts

Democracy Prep offers many opportunities outside the classroom for additional arts instruction. All extracurricular arts options are performance ensembles, including: speech & debate competitions, theatrical productions, musicals, concerts, showcases, and exhibitions. Previous productions include Little Shop of Horrors, Twelfth Night, RENT, Tempest Toss’d, Hairspray, Lion King Jr., and many more!

We also have a partnership with Theatre Development Fund in which our scholars are able to study with high-quality teaching artists and experience live Broadway theater. The arts are not just alive at Democracy Prep, they are thriving.

Arts Extracurricular Arts

Extracurricular Groups

  • Varsity and JV speech & debate teams
  • Chorus
  • Barbershop quartet
  • Dance
  • Step
  • String orchestra
  • Band
  • World music ensemble
  • Theatre
  • Musical theatre
  • Improvisational theatre

Arts Extracurricular Groups